I’m a day person.
— Elaine Benes

Priya Patel is a comedic actor and writer based in New York, and has been featured in digital content for MTV, Funny or Die, Seriously.TV, and Glamour as well as commercial content for WeTV.  She’s also acted in both plays and pilots produced in New York City, including Urban Teach Now, an official selection for the New York Television Festival.  After studying advanced improvisation, and sketch writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Priya started creating videos for her YouTube channel and co-hosted Very Much Live!, a biweekly standup show at the East Village institution Niagara Bar.  


She produced and directed an anecdotal interview series, This Series is About Periods which was featured on Salon.com, and headlined at the Period Power Film Festival and Benefit hosted by WaterAid.  

She also has a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh, and Fashion Design from Parsons The New School for Design.  She mentions this only because it makes her feel like she's getting her money's worth.